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About Us

Founded in 1998, Dong-Guan Eminent Quill Optoelectronics Technology Co., LTD, possessing modern manufacturing equipments, committing to developing advanced technology and covering an area of 18,000sqm, specializes in the manufacture of single and double plastic injection molds and products. In addition, to pursue excellent quality, we constantly upgrade testing equipments to implement stringent quality management, and have acquired the certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001, and UL.

With integrated process capacity including the design of cosmetic ID and mechanism, mold development and manufacturing, injection molding, metal stamping, painting, assembly, Eminent Quill Technology have succeeded in the manufacture of the components applied for high-end DSC, precision optical products, 3C electronic products, and smart home products, to meet the requirements of Quality (Q), Cost (C), Delivery (D), Service (S) of customers.




Using the programs, such as UG3D and Moldflow analysis, to predict in advance and ensure the ability of mass production; possessing hi-speed CNC and rapid positioning system with Erowa equipment to make sure the stability of processing; inspecting all mold spare parts with 3D measurement machine to assure the processing can meet the specification of customers at the first time.
For a wide variety of product features, we possess mold technology as follows: hot runner, gate cut in mold, twisting mold, cylinder drive mold, inner slider mold, etc. Being able to implement auto production without runner in mold.
Sample build capability: 30~50 sets per month.
> Lead time: single injection mold: 12~21days, double injection mold: 20~28days.

Processing Precision:

Precision electrical discharge
Precision: 0.003mm
Min. under cut: R0.03mm
Ra: 0.12µm

Precision line cutting
Taper≦20°(Thickness: 80mm)
Min. under cut: R0.035mm
Precision: 0.002mm

Precision grinding
Precision: 0.001mm
Min. under cut: R0.03mm
Gouge: 0.2mm(width)*5mm(depth); 0.1mm(width)*2mm(depth)
Ra: 0.15µm

CNC processing center
Max. speed: 40,000RPM
Precision: 0.002mm
Min. under cut: R0.03mm
Gouge: 0.4mm(width)*3mm(depth)

Processing milling
Precision: 0.01mm
Min. under cut: R0.03mm
Gouge: 1mm(width)*5mm(depth)
Ra: 3.0µm



Precision stamping machine: 13units(35ton~200ton); material thickness of progressive stamping output: 0.07mm~3.0mm; precision: ±0.01mm; bending verticality:+/- 0.03mm; flatness less than 0.05mm after bending; hole precision:H9.

Material: SUS,SPCC,SGCC,SECC,Cooper(Ni/Au),Aluminum,PET.

Machining: HF Hydrocarbon solvent cleaning, tapping(M1.0~M5.0), grinding, polishing, riveting, high temperature painting, electroplating. 

Sample build first pass rate is up to 98%.

Mold making lead time: 8~28days.



> Precision injection machines:60 units(50ton~280ton); 15 out of 68 units are double injection machines(160ton~250ton).

> Molding with combining a variety of materials, such as elastomer plastic, hard plastic and metal.

> The yield rate of glossy IR polish by double injection process is up to 95%.

> No welding line on surface hole to meet the requirement of designer and increase the final price of the product.

> Making good use of gate cut in mold to make it to stable quality and less manpower.

> CPK of products is up to 1.67.

> Dimension precision: +/-0.03mm; PL step is below 0.03mm; PL flash is below 0.05mm. 



> Facilities including class 10,000 clean room, painting line (3-painting and 3-baking process), UV line, and 6-axis robotic arms type coating line.

> Good command of painting technology with glossy PU paint, glossy UV paint, rubber paint, conducting paint, pearl white paint, etc.

> Meeting special cosmetic process requirements, such as metal/plastic soft touch paint, sprinkling paint, leather paint, glossy design.

The first pass yield of glossy UV/PU paint is up to 90%; FPY of the rest PU paint is up to 97%.

> Surface pattern printing process including simultaneous 6-color auto overprinting, anode printing, and polish printing.

> Warranty of printing location precision (Precision: +/- 0.05mm).



> Cell line production makes the efficiency of PF production up to 105%.

> In class 10,000 clean room and ESD management environment, specializing in assembly of the products, such as camera, smart phone, automotive, security control, smart home and so on.

> With the capability of self-purchasing assembling parts including FPC/PCB, battery, fiber optic, wire, conducting material and LCD.

> With the integrated assembly processing including auto welding, ultrasonic welding, auto dispensing machine, punch riveting, CNC, and laser marking.

> Possessing the skills of lens focus inspection, lighting inspection, MIC inspection, CCD inspection, waterproof inspection.



> Acquired ISO 9001 certification, and ISO 14001:2015 certification.
> Acquired UL certification (No.:E205242).
> Acquired exhaust gas discharge permit of Guangdong Province, safety production standardization certificate of Guangdong Province.
> Passed Green Access certification of Canon, Ricoh, Nikon.

Examination Equipment
> 2.5D measuring machine, 3D measuring machine, transmittance tester, optical UV film thickness measurement.
> Programmable temperature and humidity test chamber, ironing tester, digital illuminometer.

> X-Ray Fluorescent spectrometer, melt index tester, thermal shock test chamber, hardness measurement device.

Quality Warranty System
Meeting the requirement of less than 50PPM of customers by passing PDCA cycle.