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Using the programs, such as UG3D and Moldflow analysis, to predict in advance and ensure the ability of mass production; possessing hi-speed CNC and rapid positioning system with Erowa equipment to make sure the stability of processing; inspecting all mold spare parts with 3D measurement machine to assure the processing can meet the specification of customers at the first time.
For a wide variety of product features, we possess mold technology as follows: hot runner, gate cut in mold, twisting mold, cylinder drive mold, inner slider mold, etc. Being able to implement auto production without runner in mold.
Sample build capability: 30~50 sets per month.
> Lead time: single injection mold: 12~21days, double injection mold: 20~28days.

Processing Precision:

Precision electrical discharge
Precision: 0.003mm
Min. under cut: R0.03mm
Ra: 0.12µm

Precision line cutting
Taper≦20°(Thickness: 80mm)
Min. under cut: R0.035mm
Precision: 0.002mm

Precision grinding
Precision: 0.001mm
Min. under cut: R0.03mm
Gouge: 0.2mm(width)*5mm(depth); 0.1mm(width)*2mm(depth)
Ra: 0.15µm

CNC processing center
Max. speed: 40,000RPM
Precision: 0.002mm
Min. under cut: R0.03mm
Gouge: 0.4mm(width)*3mm(depth)

Processing milling
Precision: 0.01mm
Min. under cut: R0.03mm
Gouge: 1mm(width)*5mm(depth)
Ra: 3.0µm